release date:

January 15, 2016



“Life Looks Best”

  • 1. Driveway (Young, Thurman, Parker)
  • 2. RUM Day (Young, Thurman)
  • 3. I still Do (Young, Thurman)
  • 4. ShipFaced (Scherz, Willmon)
  • 5. Got Your Lovin On (Young, Thurman)
  • 6. You & Me (Young)
  • 7. Slow (Young, Thurman)
  • 8. Life Looks Best (Young, Hall)
  • 9. Another Margarita Morning (Prince, Gibson)
  • 10. Postmarked (Young)
  • 11. ItAllStartsToRumTogether (Scherz, Matthews)


cropped-Cover-1-copy.jpg What happens when a Nashville singer/songwriter sells everything, buys a sailboat and moves to the caribbean? The full studio album "Life Looks Best" from Cory Young blends strong Nashville songwriting, with sun, sand, and sailing. Life looks best from wherever you are, it's a state of mind. #LifeLooksBestlike-us-on-facebook-big-banner

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