HUGE NEWS….. Changing Life, Changing Chapters & Changing Gears (Literally)

For the past 5 1/2 years the Young family has lived aboard a boat. We started in Nashville with a 32ft sailboat, moved to Florida and sailed our next live-aboard boat (36ft) from Okeechobee lake down to Marathon. Just as we were ready to take off on our 36ft boat for some Bahamas cruising, we fell in love with a boat that was for sale in the harbor. It was a great decision and Thin Line has provided us with spectacular voyages, wondrous anchorages, star filled skies and a lifetime full of memories in the 3 1/2 years we have owned her.

When I left Nashville and moved to the Keys, I had stepped away from music. I decided to go out and live instead of grinding away in a town that I can no longer identify with musically. I never expected that would be the best career decision I have ever made. Playing shows and making a little extra money while having fun with my best friend Ty sparked the urge to record a full length album. I had no idea that would be catalyst to finally doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing, making my living and providing for my family with my music. Since releasing “Life Looks Best” last year I have been welcomed into the world of Trop Rock, as well as found several of my long time Nashville friends had also found an outlet for their music here. I’m pretty sure these are also the best fans in the world.

2016 presented me with many hurdles, but also with several opportunities that arose from those hurdles. One of the opportunities involved a huge change in our lives, and lots of faith. This wouldn’t be the first time we decided to jump and just figure it out on the way down, it’s kind of our thing. 2016 provided me with the chance to hit the road and take my music to the people. To perform, meet new friends, share experiences and music, as well as see the country. Most importantly, it is providing us the chance to do this together as a family. Everything we have done so far has been together, and as our son Colby gets ready to jump out of the nest, this may be our last big adventure all together.

S/V Thin Line will be listed for sale officially within the next couple weeks, and we will be transitioning to our new home and new way of life.


It’s official, we are the proud owners of a 2004 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 50th Anniversary diesel pusher. (That’s a mouthful!) With tour dates now filling up, house concerts to play, and shows all the way in TX this summer. We are going all in, and putting our faith in what we feel we should be doing. It’s a complete change of life from living on the water to living on the road. Shows are in the books, Jessica’s work has been notified, and we are set to leave the Florida Keys June 12th. When the summer is over our plan is to return to the Keys for the winter season, where I will perform locally until our 2018 tour is organized. Peyton will be able to attend school while we are here, we will just be in an RV instead of a boat. Was this the correct decision? Only time will tell.. I do know that it will be an adventure, with our family it always is!

When we leave the entire family is part of the music. Everyone has a job and a purpose, and we are a team. We are still establishing the roles we all will play, and I’m sure it will evolve over time. Soon we will be ramping up our YouTube presence and documenting the whole experience along the way.

We’ll see you on the road! Check soon for dates and shows this summer.